Our Correspondent Mortgage Services team partners with
Non-Delegated, Delegated and Broker clients.

Non-Delegated Clients

  • Our seasoned underwriting staff is just a phone call away to assist you with questions
  • Close loans in your name, leveraging your brand
  • Control your own margins using your preferred Price Engine

Delegated Clients

  • Enjoy all the benefits of Non-Delegated customers
  • Control your Underwriting Turn Times

Dual Channel

  • Combine Non-Delegated and Delegated to maximize your underwriting flexibility
  • Expand the number of products and/or geography you can offer your customers


  • Utilize West Gate Bank’s team to help you service borrowers for all loan types: Conventional, FHA, VA, RD, and Portfolio
  • Retain your customer vs a referral program
  • Enjoy Extended Lock Options

Triple Play

  • Combine Dual Channel and Broker for the widest array of loan sale options available

Whether you are Non-Delegated, Delegated or a Broker client, we are committed to providing a quick turnaround for all loans, as we understand how quickly the market can move. As a partner, you will always have access to email or call any of our team members directly.

Learn more about our products by contacting our sales team directly or through our web site.