West Gate Bank Correspondent Mortgage Services

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional service and a full suite of loan products to support your mortgage business. When you choose West Gate Bank Correspondent Mortgage Services as your partner, you can expect:


We honor the relationship you have with your customers, which is why we commit in writing not to cross-sell other bank services. Your customers remain your customers.


With decades of experience in banking and correspondent mortgage, while servicing over 25,000 loans, we have the knowledge you need in a partner. We have the expertise and processes to ensure precise and successful execution when purchasing mortgage loans.


Exceptional service is our standard. The majority of loans are managed by West Gate Bank at our center in Lincoln, Nebraska. We publish our turn times for underwriting and purchasing and our technology allows you to stay on top of your locks and files delivered to us.


We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy bottom line. We strive to establish competitive pricing that benefit you and your borrowers.


We are more than a bank. We are a team of experts dedicated to supporting you—with the ability to navigate complexity and provide you (and your customers) with a seamless experience.